1325 1530 Non-Metal Material Laser Cutting Machine

Short Description:

JZ 1325 Co2 laser cutting and engraving machine is master, it is our latest model, it has a unique triangular bed structure, more stable, and it is also equipped with a follow-up smoke exhaust system, which can follow the cutting head for smoke exhaust.

This machine is equipped with a servo motor, which is more powerful and more precise.

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Material Engraving Cutting Material Engraving Cutting
Acrylic MDF
Double Color Board Rubber
Natural Wood Plywood
Fabric Plastic
Bamboo Leather
Matte Board Paper
Mylar Fiber glass
Press board Ceramic ×
 Granite × Marble ×
Glass × Stone ×
For special material, please confirm in advance


Working Size:

1300*2500mm/ 1500*3000mm

Tube: 80W/100W/130W/150W/200W/300W

Laser Type: CO2  sealed-off glass tube

Operation System and Software:

RDC6445G   RD works V8

Cooling System: Water cooling

Driver and Motor: servo

Cutting Speed:0-600mm/s

Engraving Speed:0-1200mm/s

Reposition Accuracy: ≤±0.01mm

Minimum Letter Size: English:1mm

X Y Guiding System: Linear guide rails

Interface: LCD screen with USB interface


1.Precise guide rails ensure accurate and error-free operation. The pioneering continuous, fast curve cutting and shortest processing path optimization improve work efficiency; stabilized constant current laser power supply components to extend the life of the laser tube.
2.Using triangular structure on the bed's side, machine is more stable, and high precision.
3.Bed and X-axis beam with 6mm steel, machine's body is 1.5mm steel, won't be deform, maintain high precision for long time.
4.Racks and gears are precisely ground, wear-resistant and high-precision.
5.Helical gear reducer is 81π when others use 31π reducer, much better quality and high precision.
6.3 phase motors ensure high speed cutting and good performance.
7. follow-up smoke exhaust system, which can follow the cutting head for smoke exhaust


It adopts a heavy-duty bed structure design, which has increased to 8mm thick steel and better stability compared with the machine's bed on the market, reaching the top level in the industry.

Three support bars are newly added on the bed. After machining center fine milling, the blades are laid on the support bars without manual adjustment of accuracy, reducing machining errors, making the entire bed structure design more precise than other ordinary machines, and not easy to deform.

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product (2)

Hardware system, the metal parts and rail and supporting pipe material are all made by  No1 brand aluminum material, the material more hard and heavy which will protect machine from deformation, without any vibration, ensure produce higher precision.


Racks and gears are precisely ground, wear-resistant and high-precision,the place where the guide rail and rack installed  will be fine-milled by the machining center to ensure absolute flatness


Intelligent follow-up smoke exhaust system, which can follow the cutting head for smoke exhaust.



bamboo laser engraving
laser glass engraving
engrave stone



Four cutting heads

Four cutting heads

Up and Down table

Up and down table





Automatic focus

Automatic focus

Fire Unit

Fire unit

Indicator light

Indicator light

Red light

Red light


We provide free technical training until customer can use the equipment normally. The main training contents are as follows:
1. Basic knowledge and principles of laser.
2. Laser construction, operation, maintenance and upkeep.
3. Electrical principle, operation of CNC system, general fault diagnosis.
4. Laser cutting process.
5. Operation and daily maintenance of machine tools.
6. Adjustment and maintenance of optical path system.
7. Laser processing safety education.

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