Why does the fiber laser marking machine have uneven marking results?

1. Use the focal length to dial in a particular point of view: Each focal length has a specific length. If the calculated length is wrong, the engraving result will not be the same.

2. The box is placed in a stable place so that the galvanometer, the field mirror and the reaction table are not the same, because the rod and the output will have different lengths, causing the product to be uneven.

3. Thermal lens phenomenon: When a laser passes through an optical lens (refraction, reflection), the lens heats up and causes a slight deformation. This deformation will cause an increase in the laser focus and a shortening of the focal length. When the machine is stationary and the distance is changed in focus, after the laser is turned on for a period of time, the energy density of the laser acting on the material changes due to the thermal lensing phenomenon, resulting in uneven ones which effects scoring.

4. If, for material reasons, the properties of a batch of materials are incompatible, the resulting physical and chemical changes will also be different. The material is very sensitive to laser response. Generally, the influence of a factor is constant, but unrelated factors lead to product defects. The effect is biased because the value of laser energy that each material can receive is different, leading to unevenness in the product.