The application of Co2 laser marking machine on wood

CO2 laser marking machines use lasers to mark permanent marks on the surface of various objects. CO2 laser marking machine is an intelligent automation technology that integrates laser, computer and machine tools. It has no high environmental requirements. The quality of machine tool performance indicators directly affects the productivity and service life of the machine’s performance indicators.

Therefore, when using a laser marking machine, you must treat the environment carefully. In this case, the medium is useful for the carbon dioxide laser marking machine:
The cooling method of a laser marking machine mostly uses ice-free water cooling, as in the case of a semiconductor laser marking machine. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the cooling water, direct mineral water or distilled water can be used. The cooling water must be flushed regularly.
In the field of beverages, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, engraved on plywood and carved on wood is just a big difference, but one should be careful, the depth of engraving can not be too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will also blacken like wood, which needs to be made from that wood.

Wood is the most commonly used raw material in laser processing, it is easier to carve and cut, light-colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple are easy to be laser gasification, so it is more suitable for engraving. Each kind of wood has its unique features, some dense some, such as hardwood, in carving or cutting, must use a large laser power, the carving is not very skilled wood, first to explore the characteristics of carving.